March 12, 2017

Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls | The Mountain Sanctuary, Magaliesburg.

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Sorryyyy, I couldn’t resist the title having some relation to the TLC song when it was so appropriate. I have to admit it was the first thing into my head when I was editing all of the pictures ready for upload – and what amazing pictures they turned out to be. 

When we decided to go travelling, one of my worries was not being able to capture the beauty of a place perfectly but I think I’m doing justice so far right? Everywhere we go is like a postcard which makes my eyes flicker quickly in an attempt to take it all in. I sometimes feel like being British makes me appreciate other countries so much more because England is so flat, industrial and the weather is dull. I mean, some parts of the UK are beautiful don’t get me wrong but don’t you ever get bored of it? 

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These images are from the Mountain Sanctuary in Magaliesburg, one of the oldest mountain ranges in the world. Billions of years ago these mountains were under water and even at the highest peaks, you can still find the odd shell for proof. The rocks almost don’t look real with their smooth appearance and textures. 

We paid £6 each to explore for the day and the sanctuary has many spots you can go to, with a 25 minute hike to the West Pools where we took these pictures. The waterfalls and rock pools span quite a distance and you can easily venture upwards to various points of beauty. I wish we had longer because there was so much to appreciate but I’m definitely glad that we went on a fairly cloudy day as the hike is mainly uphill and involves a lot of climbing – imagine that in the heat!

If you’d like to visit, its easy to get to by car for the day or you can stay in one of their chalets/cabins for a fairly low price.

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copper garden, south africa road trip
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mountain sanctuary, South Africa road trip

What I’m Wearing

Floral Playsuit // American Eagle (similar)
White Trainers // American Eagle (similar)
Dark Red Bikini // Romwe

Images taken on Canon 7D mark ii with 50mm lens.
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