February 23, 2017

The Wild Thornberry.

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I promised that I would write a lot while I’m away but truthfully I’ve been so caught up in having fun that writing was my last thought. I want to make memories and experiences to look back on and document later, using the time that I’m travelling to enjoy myself first and have social media as an after thought. To use the pictures to tell the story and have my words as an optional extras if you wanted to read them..

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South Africa is very different to home. At the moment we aren’t in the sunkissed beaches of Cape Town but instead, we’re currently staying just outside of Johannesburg near Magaliesburg and everything about the scenery reminds me of the Wild Thornberrys and their crazy cartoon life in Africa. From the dusty roads to the greenest fields filled with zebra and cows just hanging around enjoying the sunshine. There might not be a beach in sight, but being surrounded by nature is just what my soul needed to relax after such a busy few weeks.
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As promised, my focus is switching to photography with outfit posts becoming more of a story than just various poses in the same spot. I mean yes I am still sharing my style but also the beauty of the places too. I used to be quite the tomboy (hence the forever lack of feminine clothes on Copper) which means I was more than happy to race go-karts and get my hands dirty – which is why exploring in the John Deere was so much fun.
I’ll just let the pictures do the talking..
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copper garden, photographer, travel blogger
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My outfit is almost camouflage without meaning to be with a rare splash of khaki to break up my normally colourless style. I’ve actually been wearing it a lot recently with these ripped black denim shorts or white denim jeans because its been overcast for the last few days. Oh and it comes in a deep pink also but I kind of wish they did navy because we all know my current obsession! 
What I’m Wearing
Round Sunglasses: Joy The Store
Khaki Striped Top: Jack Wills (also in pink here)
Ripped Denim Shorts: Topshop (also in blue here)
White Trainers: American Eagle (similar)
Images taken on Canon 7D mark ii with 50mm lens.
Check my Facebook page where I’ll be uploading tons more images of what we’re getting up to.

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