February 13, 2017

Outfit Repeating & Staying Relatable.

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I’m guilty. We all are. As bloggers or even just girls, we feel weird about being photographed the same outfit more than once in fear of looking boring/basic/broke. Its even filling up the media with various articles seeming shocked at the fact Kate Middleton wore the same dress four times (shock horror) because god forbid should she like an item enough to wear it more than once! I remember being 18 and worrying about wearing the same dress from a night out a couple of weeks ago incase someone notice which maybe stemmed from the media or my own paranoia and it sounds so ridiculous but from speaking to other people, it seems like an issue for more than just me.. nobody wants to be the outfit repeater. (but you’re an outfit rememberer, which is just as pathetic.. cue lizzie Maguire nostalgia)

As bloggers we are put on a ‘fashion pedestal’ and expected to be top of the game when it comes to clothes. We keep up with trends, we buy and receive an endless supply of clothes and seemingly have wardrobes bursting at the seams. Realistically, that isn’t the case. I mean yes we have tons of clothes but its very rare that we could share different outfits on a weekly basis without wearing at least a few of those items more than once – know what I mean? 

Those black skinnies come in a lot more handy than you think..

Now being brutally honest, I started my blog as a very poor student paying rent and bills on a part time wage. My blog was an escape from reality and purely a way for me to procrastinate by sharing my outfits regardless of trend or ‘new in’ items – I genuinely just enjoyed sharing whatever I’d worn that day! It wasn’t until I started getting PR gifting that my wardrobe started to grow and I’ll admit that I got quite hungry for it all. I accepted gifting like there was no tomorrow and my twice a week outfits were always different.. I was keeping everything fresh and new while seriously filling up my little university bedroom. 

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The poor student in me might have been really chuffed but the novelty of an overflowing wardrobe wore off when I took myself and my brand more seriously. In recent months, I’ve stopped accepting gifting almost completely and set my focus on creating more of a capsule, re-wearing pieces and adding investments rather than just working for the seasons and trends. Its been a huge leap for the success of Copper but also a visit to my outfit-repeat panic button, giving me a pang of worry that I’m boring to you because you’ve seen an item countless times. Yep, I genuinely worry about things like wearing my AllSaints leather jacket because it features a lot. Ridiculous isn’t it!?
Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that how many girls realistically own so many clothes that they rarely wear the same thing more than once? And in turn, how am I supposed to keep my outfit posts going while I travel without repeating some pieces? My suitcase isn’t never ending and neither is the everyday girls bank balance. There shouldn’t be a fear related to showing off a pair of jeans more than once.. or wearing a coat almost every day throughout a season because you love it. Fashion was made to be worn not put in a cupboard for a rare sighting. It was made to be seen, enjoyed and loved whether thats once, twice or even thirty times.

From now on, I vow to keep my channels 100% relatable in terms of fashion. It doesn’t mean I’ll fall off the fashion map but its going minimal, I guess you could say. There won’t be an endless stream of new clothes and most of my outfits will be mix-matches of the same because lets be honest, I’m living out of a suitcase which is already at capacity. I’m already quite an outfit repeater so the change won’t be too dramatic and maybe this new way of sharing will benefit both of us, but time will tell.

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