January 30, 2017

Straying From The Typical Life Plan.

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At my age, my career should have begun and I should have saved for a mortgage because that’s how it works when you grow up.. right? 


why its okay not to do what everyone else is doing

Do you ever feel like you’re behind? Like something isn’t happening for you yet, something that maybe should be? My personal life and social media are a constant reminder of where other people are in life with girls of a similar age with different life paths and choices, showing or telling their daily successes or new pregnancies and keys to a new home. It almost makes me feel as though my plans to travel mean that I’m falling behind in the ladders of life.. do you feel like you’re missing out by not having these things too?

I feel like my entire life there has been a plan drummed into me, and most of us. Hitting your twenties is for getting a career (a successful one at that), be engaged/married/cohabiting and have children.. or at least be thinking about them in the near future because that’s how being an adult works. There is no option to stray from the path and the expectations are so set in stone that it’s difficult to convince older generations that actually, I’m doing just fine as I am thankyouverymuch.  

copper garden, straying from parents life plan
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Our generation is different to our parents and grandparents, evolved almost. Women have a lot more freedom than we acknowledge and life is more about enjoying yourself than settling down. We can be our own boss (#girlboss), choose our life plan and if we don’t want a marriage and children then we don’t bloody have to have them! We have a freedom to choose how our adulthood plans out – which direction we go in. We’re in a generation where it’s okay not to have your life figured out by 25, or 35 .. or 65.

As much as this is all the case, I sometimes feel a pang of sadness and almost feel like a failure for not following the set route. I thought that by the age of 24, I would have a solid career path with savings for a mortgage on a cute house in a ‘nice’ town. My steady boyfriend and I would be thinking about when to tie the knot, accepting the keys to our first home together and the baby chat would have at started. Taking a step back into reality I have no savings for a house, I have savings for plane tickets and adventures. I have no ‘typical’ career but I have a brand that I built for myself which allows me to experience the world and be my own boss. Marriage and children are also a long way off for me, but I have a stable relationship and I’m happier than I’ve ever been.

So if you’re like me and see posts about babies, mortgages, engagements and career upgrades – don’t feel down about not having them, feel grateful that we have the option not to. We don’t need to be our parents and I certainly don’t want to be!
After all, how incredibly boring to grow old having never been crazy, spontaneous and ridiculous at least once. Go out and enjoy the life you have now, because it will never be the same as it is in this moment and we’ve got a hell of a lot more opportunities than our mothers did so let’s embrace them. 

Now I’m certainly not a writer as I tend to waffle the thoughts in my head.. but what I’m trying to say is do your own thing, be your own person and for goodness sake live your own life. We only get one shot so make it a good one!

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