December 30, 2016

The Last Outfit Of 2016 and Downsizing My Wardrobe.

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trench coat for winter
Soooo.. can someone please explain where the year has gone?? It seems to have flown by quicker than Marty McFly but its been one of the best twelve months of my life so I’m sad to see it end but very excited for the 2017 and all of the adventure.

Its currently 2pm and I’m on the sofa nursing a cup of coffee, trying to decide to chat about the new year without all the soppy reflecting that typical Jess would do (and also trying to do some blogging before a party tonight), so I decided to give you a little insight into my first New Years resolution instead: upgrading my style.

copper garden, upgrading your wardrobe for 2017
how to make a capsule wardrobe
If you remember back to January, I started a capsule wardrobe and despite it working really well with my style, the concept basically got lost in the overflowing rails as my spending habit took over instead.
My main source of inspiration has been other bloggers because let me tell you there are a lot of videos based around downsizing and refreshing your wardrobe. The Anna Edit is a personal favourite with tons of inspiration including updating a capsule, organising your clothes and seasonal additions so its worth browsing. YouTube also has a great selection if you just search for capsule wardrobes and its pretty easy to get sucked into a little YouTube black hole. 

So, let me tell you where I’m at right now, I’ve been listing a lot on Depop (adrianstanley10) due to the big travel as most of my clothes can’t come with me so its a needed clear out. I’ve actually found it really exciting to see clothes go to new homes and realising how much space is actually in my wardrobe (and how easily I can see my clothes)

This week is actually so awkward with the days between Christmas and New Year feeling strange. Due to family trips most of my clothes are on the floor or in suitcases so its a long way from organised but its getting there and once New Years is out of the way, I’m going to be starting to pack. Actually, I should probably make a start once this post is finished. I mean, the hoarder in me will get involved but I’m going to try. 
seasonal styling for a capsule wardrobe, copper garden
What I’m Wearing
White Bobble Hat: Primark (similar)
Black Trench Coat: ASOS
Striped Jumper: Primark (similar)
High Waisted Skinny Jeans: Jack Wills
Chelsea Boot Heels: Firetrap via ASOS

This look is one of my go-to looks at the moment because its comfortable and looks pretty great. I feel like trench coats will always make an outfit 100x better than any other coat. I feel like sometimes its better to opt for comfortable and stylish rather than spending time stressing in front of my wardrobe (and often the best outfits come from pieces you throw together). I fell in love with this ASOS trench when I saw how affordable it was andddd its in the sale now for only £30! Teaming the trench with outfits is a dream and for the chill I added my everyday high waisted jeans and a simple striped jumper.

Right, I’m off to get ready for an 80’s party tonight and attempt to transform myself into Madonna.. might post it on Instagram if you want a chuckle! 

Images taken by Adrian Stanley on Olympus Pen with 45mm lens

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