December 13, 2016

The Blogger Comparison & Why You Should Avoid It.

why you shouldn't compare to other bloggers
Theres an age old saying that “you shouldn’t compare your chapter one to someone else’s chapter 20″ so why do we all forget so often? 

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Blogging is a tricky community with hundreds of new blogs appearing each day. Some of these grow quickly and capture large audiences while others like mine are slow burners, growing slow and steady. Its not a race to the top but I think sometimes we all get caught up in the numbers game, comparing ourselves to others and picking apart our hard work.. but that has to change.

My biggest flaw is comparison. I compare myself to everyone whether its girls my age that are settling into marriages and mortgages or another blogger who is absolutely smashing photography and landing great collaborations. I’m sure you won’t be surprised that it gets me down and ends up destroying the confidence that I have in my blog. I stress and worry about my photography, writing, style, follower count, engagement and even whether I’m doing enough. 

Am I active enough on snapchat?
Do I say the right thing in vlogs?
Is my engagement high enough on Instagram? 
why you should stop comparing yourself to other people right now
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Stressing so much about everything will definitely do more harm than good! Self doubt always leads to a bad mood, lack of motivation and ultimately, you won’t want to do anything at all. Whenever I get into the mindset its a downward spiral of not wanting to shoot outfits, feeling uninspired to write and even stopping to vlog as much because I just feel like its pointless (which obviously, it isn’t).

But this post isn’t supposed to be negative so I’ll get straight to the point and tell you that this can all change for the better and you are good enough. Rather than allowing negative thoughts to take over, just train yourself into using the energy for pushing yourself rather than feeling sorry for yourself. I made the active decision to grab my laptop and write whenever my mind was going crazy, or research more about how to use my camera when I felt like my photography needed improvement – its all about pushing the negative for the better.

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I mean, while all of this is great its also about realising that you’re unique and everyone has their own qualities. I recently wrote a post about ‘why its okay not to fit a mould’ and I’ll preach it forever. Every blogger that I follow has a different style and thats exactly why I love them so its important to remember that you also have this unique style which is why your followers keep coming back for more.

What I’m trying to say is that nobody can do you better than you. You’re already great at what you do but if you ever doubt yourself, push your energy into improving what you don’t like rather than dwelling on it. Good things come to those who work their bums off!

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