December 6, 2016

Its Okay To Be Selfish With Your Dreams.

being selfish with your dreams

I believe that everyone should be selfish with their dreams. Regardless of whether you dream about traveling the world, joining the army or becoming a world class opera singer – nothing should get in your way because its something that you always wanted.

ignoring other people goals

Now I know this sounds a little crazy as sometimes things do get in the way like money or being tone deaf but who should stop you from trying? Why should you feel guilty for trying to pursue something that you want more than anything in life?

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams 
and live the life you have always imagined.”

My dream is to explore the world, walk along every beach and indulge in every culture different to my own. My mind can’t fathom beginning life as an adult before experiencing what it means to truly be alive and I’ve vowed to travel after university since the minute I walked into my college classroom nearly six years ago. I don’t just want small holidays on my days off work or one trip a year, I want to leave and not come back with years of adventure around the world before I buy a house and have a family. I want to break from the tradition that we think we should follow.

traveling the world and dropping everything

The one thing that has always stopped me is leaving my friends and family behind. I didn’t want to disappear for months or years and feel like I’m losing touch with them. I worried that if I went off exploring then my parents would try and persuade me to settle into a career or that my friends would forget about me. But this summer when my life changed completely, I realised just how badly I wanted my dream to come true and my family and friends will always be there and they encourage me to go after what I believe in and what I really want.

After spending hours with Adrian planning our adventures for 2017 and seeing how close he is to his family and friends after working abroad for so long, I realised that I need to be more selfish. I don’t want to be in my 90s encouraging my grandchildren to travel because I wish I had, I want to be telling them stories about my adventures and why they should run free around the world too.

My dream might not be the same as yours, but its something that I’ve always wanted and I’m going to be selfish enough to follow through and make myself happy – just like you should! 🙂

“As soon as you pursue a dream, 
your life wakes up and everything gets a new meaning.”

following your dreams

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