Why Its Okay Not To Fit A Mould.

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I’ve come to realise that I’m one of those girls without a ‘kind’. I can’t afford designer, I’m not minimalistic, the Kardashian style doesn’t suit me and I don’t wear vintage clothing. I pretty much wear whatever I feel suits my shape and makes me feel comfortable. 

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I’ve felt like there is a pressure to be known for a certain thing within blogging and for so long I couldn’t quite work out what my niche was. What makes me unique as a blogger? What makes me stand out in a saturated community? Its taken me months of feeling down and thinking my space was nothing special but I like to think that I pour my heart out in posts – so maybe thats what makes me different? I try and open up, share my thoughts and let you into every part of my life. I don’t just discuss the outfit or the latest trends, but I discuss real things which are happening behind the scenes of the edited images.

I created this blog with no real direction or intention other than sharing what I liked or felt passionate about. I didn’t know about making money from a website or even have an instagram account so naturally, my content and style has evolved. I’m no longer the college student with a multicoloured clashing wardrobe, nor am I the uni student who wears jeans every single day but instead I’m Jess – the voice behind Copper Garden. Jess that purely talks about what I love every day without a plan.

The last few weeks have made me realise that I’m putting too much pressure on myself. I don’t need to wear the main trends to grow as a blogger nor do I need to talk about said beauty product because its popular right now. Being the best version of myself is the best thing I can be because there is nobody else in the world who could write Copper Garden in the same way.

I don’t really know where I’m going with this post as its late at night and I’m pouring my thoughts onto this post without direction as always. I just wanted to write a post to say that you should never feel irrelevant as a blogger, nor should you compare yourself to other people because you are unique. The things that make those bloggers special aren’t the same as what makes you special.

why its okay not to fit the blogging mould
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What I’m Wearing
Suede Ankle Boots: Public Desire

There is something about leather skirts that screams Autumn to me and despite the bare legged weather being almost gone for the year, I decided to hold onto it for one last hurrah. It was love at first sight with this studded skirt in Stradivarius last month because fits like a dream and the angular hem works wonders for lengthening legs. For this look it was paired with a simple cape blazer but the harsh silhouette is softened by the frill neck top and camel scarf. I’d say its probably my go-to for evenings at the moment. 

This outfit is from a little something that will be hitting my YouTube channel tomorrow evening and I cannot wait for you to see it.. or if you’re impatient like me then you might have noticed the sneak preview of the Autumn Winter lookbook on my Instagram account already. Since I went full time with my blog there has been a massive push on improving the content because my perfectionism won’t let me sleep but I think I’m finally starting to fall back in love with YouTube. finally.

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