October 27, 2016

How I Took My Blog Full Time.

pleated dress from asos
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I did it.
I’m now a full time blogger.
Copper Garden has my full attention.

There has been a huge weight on my shoulders for as long as I can remember, trying to decide between keeping my graduate job and building up a career or following my heart and taking Copper to full time status. 

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copper garden fashion blogger

I don’t even know how to word this. There is so much that I want to say and the words just won’t flow in a way that makes any sense because its something that I never thought I’d be writing about..

This summer was a huge learning curve and my life took a complete overhaul. I left the comfort of university and fell into a graduate job, finished a long-term relationship and moved into a new home. It was as though someone had picked me up and thrown me into someone else’s life then told me to get on with it. I could see how unhappy I’d been plodding along in my previous life and how happy I could be. I was so scared of leaving my comfort zone and embracing the new adventures that I could have.

Two weeks ago I woke up and had an overwhelming need to get out. I just couldn’t do it any more. The routine of splitting my work life, blog life and home life was too much and ultimately my blog had my whole heart. I needed to get away. True as my word, I walked out of my job on Tuesday evening and haven’t looked back. 

My blog has always been a place to let out my emotions and share every aspect of my life so I hope that you will embrace it with me. I’m finally able to travel the world and take my work with me wherever I go. I can’t thank you all enough for reading my rambles and helping me through every up and down, sharing my love of traveling or the latest shoes that I can’t stop wearing. 

By you reading even one of my posts, you have inspired me and made it possible for this moment so I’ll be forever in debt to you. I just hope that my future content can reflect how passionate I am and how much happier I’ve become. 

Thank you for believing in Copper as much as I do. 


Formal Pea Coat: ASOS

Pleated White Dress: ASOS
Leather Backpack: ASOS
Pointed Heeled Boots: ASOS
As much as I love my jeans, its about time the skinnies took a back seat and let some other pieces come out of the wardrobe. I recently fell in love with pleating and this crisp white dress caught my eye, its so simple and looks great with minimal pieces like the tailored coat and simple leather boots. I feel like the pleats do the talking so the rest is an accessory.

Images by Comb, download the app here.
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3 responses to “How I Took My Blog Full Time.”

  1. This is so exciting ☺ you're loving the dream girl! ?

  2. YES Jess! I'm super thrilled for you; you go gal, you're officially your own girl boss.
    Can't wait to keep on following you and see your blog grow as you're now a full time sassy blogger ? ??

    Charlotte | Two Cats One Flat

  3. Jaide Poppy says:

    Wow! I'm so happy for you. I'd like to think this could happen in my future. This is so exciting for you and love your blog and can't wait to see your future content xo

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