October 2, 2016

Exploring Paris on a Budget.

exploring paris on a budget, tips from a travel blogger
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On a first trip to Paris, its easy to get caught up in the whirl of monuments and attractions. Those things are worth seeing but on a return trip, its fun to get lost and explore different sides to the beautiful city that you may have missed before. I’ve been to Paris twice now and thought I’d share a way to explore the city without spending too much..

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Relax by the canal
There are various spots in Paris to sit by the canal and watch the world go by, so with coffee in hand this is what we did. When its sunny, the locals and other tourists scatter the banks so you will always find someone to chat to

Free admission to museums
Lots of the museums in Paris are free admission so becoming engulfed in the culture is easy. The Louvre, Pompidou and other museums are free either always or the first Sunday of the month and there are websites which let you check the prices and free admission days so you can plan around them.

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view from a paris balcony

People watch from a balcony
Whether its staying at your accommodation or exploring to a rooftop bar, balconies are an easy way to watch the people watch and look over the city. In true Parisian style, make sure there is a glass of red wine and a long conversation about life and I promise you’ll be impressed.

Watch the sunset at the Arc du Triomphe
The Arc du Triomphe is one of the most beautiful monuments in Paris and its located at the end of the Champ Elysees. Admission to go to the top is 8€ but you can admire it from the ground too and sitting on a bench at the right time will let you see the sunset through its arch.

arc du triomphe at sunset in paris
seeing paris on a budget
a weekend in paris without spending a lot

Get lost in the back streets..
Sometimes having no plan and no sense of direction can make you see a place in a new light. We spent a few hours walking aimlessly, turning down roads that looked exciting or full of culture and ended up seeing a side of Paris we wouldn’t have otherwise.

Visit the Eiffel Tower at night
You don’t need to go up the Eiffel Tower to understand its beauty. Every time the clock strikes a new hour after sunset, there is a light show and the tower twinkles for five minutes. It looks so magical and is the perfect opportunity for a picture or two as well as appreciating the monument rather than just the view from the top.

the eiffel tower at night
eiffel tower from below at night
Its hard not to fall in love with Paris whether its your first or five hundredth time there. As a first timer, the main sights are easy to get around in a day or two so spending a long weekend there will still give you enough time to explore and you don’t have to spend a fortune. I’m planning a return trip to Paris in the new year, so if you have any places that you think I should check out (besides the monuments and museums) then let me know in the comments. Its a great way to share with me and other people in our Copper community. 
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