July 3, 2016


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Its such a relief to find a weight loss plan that actually works, and doesn’t pile the weight back on afterwards. NutriBuddy was initially tried as a last minute attempt to shift weight so I’m more body confident on holiday but its now a firm favourite for the future.

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As my holiday begins on Friday, I’ve been using NutriBuddy’s 14-day weight loss program in a bid to get maximum results so I feel more confident in a bikini. NutriBuddy stood out to me as they offer a safe, natural way to lose weight and reach your ideal shape with no nasties or bulking agents added – so all weight loss is achieved properly and won’t creep back. 

Within the 14-day program, you will receive:
– Sculpting Whey (chocolate or vanilla)
– Hunger Fix tablets
– Multi Vitamins
– Shaker Bottle (red or black)
– Mini Recipe Book
– Weight Loss Guide

The thing which stood out to me most about the program was the little books, including tips and tricks for weight loss and a few recipes to get you started if you’re new to healthy eating. Its always nice to see a brand that cares about your lifestyle and not just selling their product. I had a little read through the weight loss guide the evening before starting to clue me up a little and found it so motivating! 

Now the important part – does it work? Absolutely. I had the whey shake each morning after my workout which tastes amazing and takes place from my usual protein shake well. Following the guide perfectly, I ended up with a couple of days protein spare, so I’m making the plan 16-day to finish it off! The hunger fix tablets were my favourite as they actually suppressed my appetite. I’m the kind of girl that can graze all day and never feel full, so its a relief to listen to my stomach and not my brain. You only need to take one three times a day and its more than enough, as well as the multivitamins giving me a little energy boost and helping to improve my mood.

If you wanted me to recommend the program, then I would do it. 14-days is easy to keep on track with and as long as you exercise and eat healthily then you’ll see results. Like any product, if you don’t do the hard work alongside then the results won’t be as fab!

If you’re interested, you can purchase different programs including 7-days for £24.99, 14-day for £34.99 or 30-day for £62.99. Its probably worth starting with a lower program so you can trial the product, making sure you like the taste and that it works for you. If you try it out, let me know!

Sunglasses: ASOS
Sports Bra: Live! 
Leggings: Live!
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