July 21, 2016

6 Islands, 6 Days: Sailing Greece with Medsailors.

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medsailors, travel blogger holiday review
“To the ship that can weather any storm; that ship is friendship”

Nine months after the first email and plenty of summer wardrobe gossip, Brogan and I finally set sail around the Greek islands with MedSailors and even through the intense sunburn, hangovers and small water shortage – it was one of the best trips ever.
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medsailors greece, skippered sailing holiday review
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I know I’ve been quiet recently, but I promise that there is a valid reason! Nine months after the first email and plenty of summer wardrobe gossip, Brogan and I finally set sail around the Greek islands with MedSailors and even through the intense sunburn, hangovers and small water shortage (9 girls with 5 minute showers and one water supply was never going to last long) – it was one of the best trips ever. I’ve come out of my shell around new people, discovered my love for exploring and laughed harder than I’ve laughed in years.

For a bit of background, MedSailors offer skippered sailing holidays to give you the chance to island hop around Greece, Croatia and Turkey. The trips are aimed at 20-35 year olds that want to travel alone or with friends and if you love exploring new places like me then its perfect for you – I loved being able to see the sunset on a different beach each evening and never quite knowing where the roads would take us on a new island.

Across the week, we headed to six Greek islands including; Perdika, Spetses, Ermioni, Aegina, Agistri and Poros. Hydra was supposed to be on the schedule but due to strong winds, Aegina took its place! Each day gave us enough time to explore as much as we wanted, having breakfast and lunch in a beautiful bay between sailing and mauling up around 2pm on the next island. It sounds quite busy but I’ve never been more chilled in my life, everything was so easy going and there was never a rush (until we didn’t want to go home and swam off on a paddle board).

One thing I really wanted to mention in this post was the costs of the trip. MedSailors runs between May and October, costing between £400-£600 depending on the route/week/yacht you’d like which includes the accommodation, breakfast and lunch. Flights are paid separately and we got ours for £200 each from London. With spending money, they advise £25 per evening but Brogan and I allowed for £35 which pretty much covered me for alcohol, dinner, cocktails and excursions or other bits I fancied buying! Unlike most trips, the excursions are inexpensive and on average only 20 euros including things like water sports and quad biking. My personal favourite was the quad bikes which cost £30 per bike, which gave us the chance to drive the entire way around Spetses with a swim break at a quiet beach the opposite side of the island.

We were lucky enough to be on a Premier Plus yacht with 7 other girls from across the globe that we got on really well with – from the minute we headed out of Athens, the champagne came out and our laughter didn’t stop. I’ve never actually been on a yacht before so I was shocked by how much room we had and how easily nine girls could spread out without living completely on top of each other. Brogan and I had a double room with the comfiest bed and our own bathroom, with plenty of storage and a little wardrobe to hang dresses, etc. In honesty, we slept on the sofas up top or the hammock some nights and there is nothing better than waking up with fresh air and sunshine!

You’ll have to catch my vlog for the yacht tour.. but I enjoyed the trip so much that I’ll be hopping back on the yacht in September with some of my other friends and I can’t wait to relive every moment. Thank you so much to MedSailors for gifting us the trip and allowing me to have such an amazing time, thank you to our skipper Al and thank you to all of the girls on our yacht – the trip wouldn’t have been the same without you! I hope this review of a MedSailors trip does the justice and shows how great it was. The skippers and other guests were all lovely and even if you’re planning to go solo, you’ll enjoy every minute.

From one travel bug to another.. 

(watch out for the coming outfit snaps from my trip)
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