July 6, 2016

5 Tips For Everyday Productivity.

As you’ll have seen on my snapchat (jessicasheppard) and twitter, I spent an afternoon at The Nap Station in London to try out the eve Sleep mattresses. I always think that my highest productivity happens after a great night’s sleep, so I’m sharing five tips for maximum productivity every day.. while sitting on my eve mattress and feeling like I’m on a cloud!

If you would like to head to The Nap Station, its going to be at the Old Truman Brewery until 10th July with bookable sleep pods and coffee to keep you going. I enjoyed my time there and know you’d love it too, not only are the beds really comfortable but the space is so instagrammable and worth a visit.

Get a good night’s sleep.
When is the last time that you brought a new mattress? Chances are, probably quite a while back. I’ve recently upgraded a mattress that I’ve had for five years and replaced it with one of eve’s memory foam beauties and its heaven. Its so comfortable and I’m sleeping through the night for the first time in ages.

Avoid caffeine, drink water.
Caffeine might give you an instant boost, but it also gives you a crash shortly afterwards. I’ve started to have a coffee in the morning followed by sipping water throughout the day which keeps me more awake and helps to rehydrate so I’m at the height of productivity.

Think positively. 
Your thoughts can impact your entire day, so make them positive. It might be boredom at work or feeling overwhelmed, but keeping positive thoughts will help the task seem easier to handle (again helped by a good night’s sleep so you don’t wake up grumpy).

Make lists and minimise distractions.
Procrastination is the worst ingredient when it comes to productivity. I try to keep lists written down so I’m always on track with what needs doing and by which time frame, just so I don’t forget tasks or get carried away with less important things. Its also quite a good feeling to cross off tasks on your list!

There are probably 100 other ways to help with productivity, but these are ones which I find the most useful. I definitely think that a comfortable mattress makes me much more motivated and ready to take on the day, as my sleep isn’t disturbed and I wake up feeling fresh! You can pick up an eve mattress from £349, with monthly payment plans available AND £75 off if you use the discount code NAPSTATION when you order. 

What are your five tips for everyday productivity?
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  1. Jenny Ross says:

    I'm so bad for grabbing a cup of coffee when really I should be getting my water intake! Love this post 🙂 X
    Jenny / http://www.borntoblend.co.uk

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