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Lets throw it back a little and pretend like we’re about to go to university. There are multiple people guiding you through; from setting up your UCAS application and student finance to finding your halls and buying your first ‘adult things’ like washing up liquid and cutlery. In the beginning you’re following orders and being walked through everything but graduating is the opposite end of the spectrum.

what nobody tells you about graduating university
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The main thing nobody tells you about graduating is that you’ll have the post university blues. Its a huge step to leave the comfort of being a student and enter adult life with real responsibilities where lounging round all day watching Netflix isn’t an option. I’ve been in a downwards slump for a few weeks now struggling to accept that my perfect career won’t happen overnight.

I think its kind of expected that we all fall into careers relating to our degrees but finding a job takes a lot longer than you’d think. There are endless late night scrolls through recruitment websites and multiple interviews before you’re offered anything. Its not as simple as just handing out your CV locally. I’ve spent countless hours applying for jobs which require ‘a years experience’ which is impossible to get without working for free initially.

In my head, I imagined that when I graduated I would have all of this money to do whatever I fancied; travel the world, go on multiple nights out, buy new clothes. Reality? I’m still very poor from my final project. Whenever I look back on my graduate plan, I cringe at how naive I was in my sleep-deprived state. 

Then you’ve got the decision between moving into your own place or back home with your parents. Getting a flat on my own seems like the perfect solution but its quite expensive until I’ve got a ‘proper job’, so I’m looking through websites such as spareroom to find a house share. I’m looking forward to being back closer to my friends and Josh though, where I’ll finally have the freedom to see them without a few motorways in between!

I am sure that any other recent graduates can relate to the struggles and joys of finishing university forever. As always, I’ll be keeping you guys fully in the loop with my future and welcome any comments relating to this!


Workwear is becoming my thing, I seem to opt for looser fits and more dressed up styles recently – maybe because I’m busy pretending to be an adult while I prance around to Disney songs. If you’re a long-time reader of Copper then you know my love for looser fits and simple styling so this won’t come as a shock to you. The cropped shirt is one of my most worn pieces which works great for casual outfits or dressed up for the evening, wearing smarter loafers to complete the look – which only cost £25.

These pictures were taken by Comb, grab their app here.


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