June 24, 2016


Its over, finished, complete. I am no longer a student but I’ll forever hold the title of ‘graduate’

For me, Graduation isn’t just a certificate and a hand shake with someone I’ve never met on stage. During my time at university, I realised more about my personality and grew as a person with every day that passed. Every success, learning curve, meltdown and all night study session has led to the ending of three precious years of self discovery. I’ve found parts of me that I’d not seen before like my determination to make everything perfect and my ability to juggle a hundred things at once, but I also encountered difficult decisions and life changing moments. 

I’m so proud to say that I’m a Fashion Design Graduate, coming away with a 2:1 bachelors honour degree and an exciting future ahead of me but of course I had to share this moment with a blog that kept me sane and gave me a release for three years. All of you, in some way, helped me to get through the most challenging time of my life and I’m so grateful for that.

You only graduate once and boy have I done myself proud.

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