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I’ll be the first to admit that keeping on track with fitness can be difficult. Forcing yourself to be active instead of spending another hour in bed or switching your evening soaps for a sweaty workout isn’t easy. As I reach the middle of my 8 week challenge, my motivation has peaked again after a slight dip, so it seemed fitting to share some tips to help you stay motivated with your fitness goals: weight loss, muscle gain or anything in between.

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Remember why you started. 
There is probably a single moment that you remember thinking ‘this needs to change’. Whether your goal is weight loss, running further/for longer or even just getting stronger, Its easy to get caught up in the routine of training and forget why you decided to start. Keeping this goal written down helps to give you the kick that made you go to the gym in the first place.
Take transformation pictures.
As much as you didn’t like your shape to begin with, find a picture from that time and compare it to how you look now. I’ve taken pictures the entire way through my fitness journey and its been so much more useful than jumping on the scales (because muscle weighs more than fat..).
Browse motivation.
This doesn’t help everyone, but I have a pinterest board full of motivation as well as following fitspo accounts like Aqua Bay Sport on instagram. I find the quotes great for pushing me to the gym as well as realistic ‘body goals’.
Get your workout clothes ready.
Morning or night, putting your workout clothes in a pile with your gym bag will make you feel guilty for not going. I normally train first thing in the morning and pack my gym bag ready to go, full of my makeup/outfit for the following day and the gymwear on top ready to put on.
Drink some caffeine or pre-workout.
A cup of coffee might not be for you, but there are tons of pre-workout drinks that will give you a boost so your motivation peaks and the workout is more intense. I tend to drink a cup of strong coffee or have water with 1 scoop of pre-workout half an hour before my session to get my energy levels up.
Switch up your workouts.

If the routine of a workout bores you, mix it up a bit. I train a different body part each session and try to keep the workouts interesting by adding in bootcamp or different techniques. If you’re stuck, browse the muscle you want to train on YouTube and test out a few of the workouts on there.

In honesty, motivation will mainly come when you begin to notice a change in yourself but hopefully this post helps you to find motivation to reach your fitness goals in one way or another. Let me know any workout tips that you’ve got in the comments!




  1. June 18, 2016 / 10:25 am

    All very great tips and some that I use too. I think the most important is my why. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. June 18, 2016 / 10:25 am

    All very great tips and some that I use too. I think the most important is my why. Thanks for the reminder.

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