May 11, 2016


With summer feeling like its already here and being officially round the corner, I’ve been getting my flip-flops out and starting to buy my clothes in preparation for the holidays.
I’d be lying if I said that my summer wages don’t end up entirely on swimwear but I’ve also been thinking more about building up a capsule wardrobe for the warmth too.

I’ve teamed up with Debenhams to offer some advice for getting ‘summer ready’ with some of my top tips for packing, tanning and health over the next few months..
I’m the worst for throwing items in a case on the off chance that I might need 25 outfits for a week long trip but in reality, I probably don’t even wear 7. Planning outfits is essential for stress free packing and quick, easy changes while you’re away. Before packing ten skirts, trousers and shorts, think about what you’d actually need – one pair of shorts can be worn over two or more evenings and you can definitely rewear sandals without taking a different pair for each evening! Writing down a list or taking pictures is an easy way to create ‘looks’ to help you visualise while you throw things in the suitcase and keeps the weight limit down.

This also works with accessories, one beach towel is more than enough and investing is worth it. I’ve opted for this Jasper Conran towel which is really soft and thick so it will last me longer. Its worth taking time to think about extras too as the most easily forgotten items are toothbrushes, deodorant and underwear!

Throughout the summer, I use self tanner a lot more than in the winter months. Even if I’m out in the sun all of the time, the bronzed glow doesn’t always happen quickly in England. My current favourite tan is He-Shi mousse in dark. The tan gives a natural colouring with no heavy fragrance that some might call ‘biscuit’. I’d also consider sticking to an exfoliation and moisturising routine as fake tan is the biggest tell-tale for dry skin. I try and moisturise at least once a day in the Spring/Summer and exfoliate twice or more a week as part of my morning shower.
I always buy bikinis that don’t suit my shape and then never get them out of my suitcase. At the moment my lower stomach and love handles are my problem area so I’ve been opting for higher waisted bikini bottoms and bandeau tops as they flatter a smaller bust more than a cupped top would. The high waisted bottoms in this post are Jasper Conran, focused on slimming down your waist with the angle of the stripes.

Its a known fact that sun protection is expensive. I tend to buy mine for the following year in Autumn when shops are clearing out, but as its too late for that you should buy it now. Stores have better offers before summer kicks off so even though you feel really keen, your money can be saved for that extra Sangria. Its also a great time to buy summer hats for scalp protection like this giant floppy hat which is definitely coming away for instagram purposes!
..and my Nutri Ninja is my best friend. In summer, I tend to become really sluggish and tired because of the heat so I like to feed my body with nutrients so that I’m on top form. Smoothies are a great way of getting all of the goodness into your system without taking multiple tablets. One of my favourites is the one shown here that is perfect for breakfast! Its so simple to make as you just throw all of the ingredients into your Nutri Ninja and pulse it for a minute until its smooth. The bottles included are easy for ‘on the go’ too so it would be ideal for commuting to work!

Peanut Banana Breakfast Smoothie
1 scoop of chocolate protein powder
1 tbsp peanut butter
1 tsp chia seeds
1/2 cup oats
2-3 cups almond milk
1 banana

So I think thats pretty much all of my tips for getting ‘summer ready’ featuring some pieces from a brand-favourite of mine, Jasper Conran. I’d definitely say that all bases have been covered in terms of dressing, packing and health but share your tips in the comments and spread the love! My summer holidays are just around the corner and I can’t wait to hit the beach and get tanning.

*this post was sponsored by debenhams but all content is my own.
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  1. Cloe Louise says:

    I'm deffinately buying myself a smoothie maker this summer and the nutri ninja looks so good!
    Cloe X

  2. WHYNOTBLOG says:

    High waisted bikinis are my absolute saviour!

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