May 28, 2016


Until visiting Austria, I had always imagined that the houses were exaggerated in The Sound of Music and that nothing was as picturesque as it seemed. I was very wrong. My younger brother and sisters were lucky enough to live in Austria and went to a school in the town of Sankt Gilgen, famed for its beautiful landscape scenery around Lake Wolfgangsee.

A while back, I visited St Gilgen for my brothers graduation and couldn’t believe its beauty. The lake was breath-taking and everything looks like a postcard – it would have been the perfect location for a summer lookbook if my travels ever lead me back. Imagine living there as a fashion blogger with all of those photo ops!? Its so olde world in Sankt Gilgen that you’d think it was almost caught in time, surrounded by toy-like houses and quirky wooden structures and pretty flowers. My brother gave me a pretty good tour,  showing us some of the tourist sights and quirky coffee shops for a bite to eat including a cup of tea the size of my head. Its quite easy to get around on foot as the town is so little and the locals are inviting with impressive English if your German isn’t great. 

I would really recommend that you visit this town, its located close to Salzburg and flights aren’t too expensive. The most beautiful hotel for lake views and a comfy boutique stay is the Christerbauer. Next time I visit there will be much better imagery, but considering I hadn’t considered travel blogging and used my iPhone at this point – they aren’t too bad.

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