Working out alone might make it easier to just get on with it, but its sometimes more difficult to push yourself without the help of a friend or trainer. My best friend Char and I have been training together a couple of times a week recently and I’m beginning to realise why so many people want gym buddies to work out with. Not only can you have a laugh, but you end up lifting heavier and going for longer with the push from a friend.

When I’m alone, I avoid the weights area unless the gym is almost empty. I don’t like the thought of being watched/checked out or being judged for j using the machine wrong or seeming like I’m not lifting enough. I’m the worst for thinking everyone is judging me but lots of girls feel the same. I think of the weight section to be the ‘man zone’ with any girl that dares to enter being an absolute goddess for being so confident. This girl happens to be Char. She powers on through and shows the men(boys) what she’s made of and its inspiring to workout with her and feel the sense of being so carefree.


Ever tried to perfect a move in the gym and found it a struggle, even with a mirror? Thats what friends are for. They can help to make sure your posture is right, your going deep enough into the move and that the reps are being pushed to the right amount. I never realised that my deadlift posture wasn’t right until Char showed me how to do it properly (and didn’t stop telling me off until I got it).


Working out can be a task for me as once I’ve finished my reps, I always want to push for ‘just five more, just ten more, one more’. Either that or I overdo my weight limits! This one kind of goes against the other points but its important not to push yourself too far, even though you’re working harder than going solo. (I did leg press 50kg though, personal best)


Whether its falling off the balls (which we did so gracefully) or just a giggle about life in general, working out with a friend just gives you someone to chat to. It makes me work out for longer too because the sight of the gym walls and a Spotify cardio playlist aren’t boring me and I’ve got a conversation! 

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So, what do you think of working out with someone else?
Distraction or challenge?


  1. February 4, 2016 / 7:18 am

    Love this post and so true! My friend and I have been back at the gym together since January and it's sooo much better! We encourage each other to just push a little harder and message to talk about our aches & pains the next day! Ha! It makes the gym so much more fun and is definitely helping to make 2016 our year! We WILL get in shape! 🙂

    Zita Jane xx | Twenty Four

  2. June 11, 2017 / 8:27 pm

    I loved working out with my friend when I was at uni so this post is so relatable 🙂
    Now, my insta story is full of me walking to the gym alone hahaha @balancedlondoner

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