September 16, 2015



After what seems like the longest week of my life, my blog is back on the internet newly improved. While I was on holiday there was so much time for reflection and realising that I wasn’t entirely happy with my content/layout and I just felt stuck in a blogging rut. I feel like despite blogging for a while, it wasn’t really going in any direction and just staying pretty much the same. I started this blog intending to only post outfits and the odd beauty review but years are very long when you’re young and interests change.

The first big thing that you will have noticed is the layout. I have tried to keep it simple but easy to see a few posts at once and see only posts of a certain kind (for example beauty) if you wish. I love when a blog is easy to browse and this is what I wanted to add to my own website, giving you the ease of looking through content without scrolling endlessly to the bottom. After this post, make sure you browse around and let me know your thoughts!

Another change is the tabs at the top. As I’ve grown into my twenties, my interests have changed. I am now a regular gym bunny, completely into my healthy eating and enjoying travelling. Of course I still adore fashion and the outfit/beauty side to my blog but I wanted to really inject my entire personality into Copper Garden, not just a small selection. There is little or no content in some of these tabs at the moment but I’ve got some posts lined up which I’m sure you will love.

The final change is my content. I am willingly improving my photography skills and finally learning how to use my Canon 600D so my pictures are as flawless as possible. We all know that blogging isn’t quite what it used to be and photography is everything – how else do we show off products/clothes in the best light?

Obviously with beginning my third year of university, there may be less posts some weeks but the posts themselves will be much better to make up for that. I’m taking on a lot but my blog and youtube are like my babies and watching them grow makes me far too happy to ever stop.
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