June 20, 2015


Due to living in Britain, Tarte is one of those brands that is highly lusted after but a little too out of reach (only available on QVC). The brand stood out to me amongst the busy beauty industry because of their pure and natural ethics – nothing is made with harsh chemicals or nasties, its all natural and good for you.

This mascara was gifted to me at Beautycon and its now a staple in my everyday make-up bag. I was initially drawn in by the quirky wooden/bamboo (correct me someone) packaging and the cute purple mosaic print on the wand head. I have never owned such a pretty, natural looking mascara before and its probably the most lightweight of my collection. The Amazonian Clay is supposed to help keep lashes hydrated, healthy and strong while lengthening them and giving a little volume. Its essentially a repairing skincare for your eyelashes so that they can remain beautiful. At first the Amazonian Clay did have me questioning the mascara as its such an unusual thing to use, but its definitely changed my mind quickly for the better.

I’ve been using the mascara for a couple of weeks now and its one of the best I’ve used. The consistency is thicker than I thought but it doesn’t cake on my eyelashes or make them clumpy. Its a fairly slick product, you don’t get any dry flakes that can irritate eyes and its easy to remove. My eyelashes are fairly short and lifeless but as you can see, this mascara gives them the length and volume that they need. The mascara stays well too and has lasted me all day on various occasions without re-applying. If you are looking for a mascara worth investing in, this is definitely it. QVC has a range of Tarte products and this mascara is only £19.44!

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  1. Sylvia Said says:

    I'm in love with tarte <3 I've been using their Lights,Camera,Flashes statement mascara and I can't live without it~ I really want to give this one a go too now~
    She Will Be

  2. Marielle says:

    Wow, this really looks great in the before and after! Their lights, camera, lashes mascara is also incredible! I love their ethics and because of them they're a brand that I really enjoy supporting x

    Love and Marmalade

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