For Christmas I always get a few beauty bits, plan to blog them immediately but end up forgetting for months. This would be one of those times. Jack Wills had beauty collections exclusively in Boots this year and one of those sets was the bowler bag full of goodies. The bag cost around £60 so it is fairly pricey but my Grandma and I picked it up for £30 in the Boxing Day Sales. The bowler bag is now my overnight bag, featuring the Jack Wills stripes with a logo on the side and it fits all my essentials in nicely – its something I’d have flaunted a few years back but for now it is the perfect overnight or gym bag (if I ever venture back there).

So the bag comes with six full sized products to cover all my beauty needs; scrubs, hand creams, lotions and sprays – each with the same gorgeous scent which I raved about in my February Favourites video. Its really light and floral, smelling incredibly fresh and perfect for a morning shower/spritz. I’m currently eyeing up the perfume which I found in store last week.

I have now tried all of the products and can honestly say they are a lot better than I initially expected. With Jack Wills not being a beauty brand, there was doubt in my mind as to whether the products would compare to the likes of Soap and Glory but I was proven wrong. The body butter and body mist are my favourites with the body mist being a permanent addition to my handbag as I’d say it easily lasts as long as a perfume. 

As a whole, I would definitely recommend trying to get your hands on some of these products in the Boots sales or next Christmas. The scent is divine and they are so worth the money. 

Have you tried the Hope Cove range? 


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  1. March 24, 2015 / 2:07 pm

    love the sound of the body mist – i would've thought the same with jack wills not being into cosmetics and beauty! x

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