December 8, 2014


You’ve probably seen on my Instagram or Twitter that I had my very first ‘proper’ photoshoot the other week. EyeMedia contacted me and asked if I’d like to have one of their experiences and kindly offered me the biggest package deal [here] in return for a review of their services, which I was insanely excited to do! I will be showing you the actual images in separate posts over the coming weeks, but the full range of ‘behind the scenes’ shots are [here] and the finals will also go up there too.
So Saturday 22nd November, I dragged Josh along up to London with my suitcase filled with outfits and a make-up free appearance. We actually got to the location on time but got a little lost on the way because iPhone sat navs are useless! Even so, we arrived and the photographer and make-up artist were really lovely, telling us to make ourselves at home and filling us with some scummy coffee – because of course I needed coffee to keep me through the day!
At first, I was so nervous not knowing what to expect but I sat down with my photographer Bill and discussed which outfits I’d brought and the kind of looks that I was going for. He managed to come up with an order to shoot in and gave me some ideas and tips of what we could try and go for. Once my hair and make-up were done, the shooting seemed so easy and relaxed. At first I was so nervous and in my ‘blog mode’ of looking blank faced and away from the camera but Bill had to show me how awkward I looked to get me to loosen up a bit. After a while, I’d completely relaxed in front of the camera and the shots were getting better. With each outfit change, we moved round the studio a bit to get new kinds of looks – its amazing how many different shots you can get from one space.
When it came to make-up and hair, I kind of gave the girl free roam but I realised that I couldn’t cope without my eyeliner so I did become a slight brat when it came to wanting it how I usually do it. My hair was curled and the parting did move throughout the shots but it fell really nicely and despite wanting the shots to be 100% true to my usual style, I quite enjoyed having my hair different for a change. The girl who did my make-up was so lovely and explained what she was going to do before going ahead just to make sure that it was something I’d like.
I’d really recommend EyeMedia to anyone wanting a photoshoot experience of any kind. The team are lovely, the studio is really relaxing and not daunting and the images are beautiful! EyeMedia have offered me an exclusive code to share with you all which is amazing! If you’d like any of their packages, you can get 25% OFF with the code 25SPECIAL so you could use it to have a photoshoot for yourself, for your family or even of your family!
If you’d like to see a video review of my experience, I’ve linked the vlog below. The more chatty review is coming shortly once my essay is handed in and I’ve got some spare minutes!

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  1. Olivia Cheryl Williams says:

    You look like you had a lovely day! Can't wait to see the pictures! Xx

  2. Hola-Bambi says:

    Omg you little stunner xx

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