October 27, 2014


marie curie print blemish stick // witch (here)+

The Witch blemish stick is a huge part of my every day routine. Its my holy grail blemish busting product and I’ve always got one handy. When Witch sent me this gorgeous personalised blemish stick the other day, there was a genuine squeal. Not only does it have my name on the box, its also floral and completely adorable! I have previously reviewed the blemish stick (here).
The reason behind the floral makeover is their support for Marie Curie cancer care. Witch have donated £10,000 to support the work of the charity and Marie Curie have given this gorgeous floral packaging – so cute its not being used, sitting forever on my shelf for showing off.
Marie Curie are a charity who help to provide support to terminally ill people. They do so through their nursing services (hospices or at homes) and help supporting their family. Its a charity which I’ve supported for a while, mainly through buying from their charity shop (which I’m aware isn’t a huge help but its all I can offer right now)
You can purchase the limited edition blemish stick at Superdrug stores – get yours before they’re gone!
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  1. Olivia Cheryl Williams says:

    What a lovely way to help charity! And it's super cute! Just going the charity shop can help! Lovely post Xx


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