October 28, 2014


I realise that I’ve been a little distant on my blog and social media recently so I thought that a little life update was due. My life at present is so jam packed with a little bit of everything so fitting in time for it all is a struggle. I’m up to a lot of little projects to do with my future career paths, blogging and even through university so my day are absolutely filled up and I wish I had more time!

As you may have noticed, my blog has changed a little. I’m still uploading daily but the posts aren’t always outfits any more. Despite being quite sad about this, I’m glad that there is a lot more variety in my content now and its definitely opening my eyes to more blogging possibilities. I’ve got a couple of little projects underway with brands that will come to light sooner or later.
With my YouTube channel, there is still a huge effort to upload weekly but my home internet is appalling so this can be a challenge. Filming happens whenever there is a spare hour or two in my day and editing gets done late at night if I’m not too drained. My content for YouTube is mostly blogs and tags right now but feel free to request anything you’d like to see – I’m open to most requests and on the hunt for new styles to add.
It feels like University only started back a week ago, but its now way into the first term and its already a lot more work than last year. Never ignore someone who tells you that university gets harder – it really, really does! Our first project of the second year is based around tailoring, which seems like it wouldn’t be too difficult but let me tell you that it is. Saville Row tailors should charge more because its so frustrating and time consuming but definitely rewarding.
My current project is quite demanding time wise so its taking up most of my days for now until I can find a fair balance of everything. I’m hoping to use my professionally taken images of the final garment on my blog and you can see what I’m getting up to on my designer instagram (jessy_margo).
I’m still keeping up with my part time job at Waitrose and picking up extra overtime to fund my course. I’m normally at work early in the morning before university, or straight after in the evenings. As I type this I’m currently sat in the university library with an hour to kill post uni/pre work! 
With interning, I have a little project with a well known brand that I’m getting on with for the next six weeks but I’m not sure if I’m allowed to say anything as its designing. To be honest, its something I’m ridiculously excited about because it means I’m designing menswear which is (hopefully) my future career pathway!
My life in a social way has changed a lot since the beginning of my second year. I’ve not got as much time to see anyone – to my friends annoyance. The only people that I really see are the friends that I live with and my boyfriend on weekends. It sucks not to be able to catch up with everyone as much as I’d like to, but knowing that they are only a phone call or text message away is perfect for now. Myself and Josh are also saving up for a holiday so spending is at a minimum – bye bye new clothes and makeup.
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  1. Sandra NB says:

    I personally love the fact that you're writing about make up too now! It does sound like you're juggling a lot, so I can completely understand your lack of time for the blog!

  2. Megan says:

    i love this post this is very useful for me thanks for sharing


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