September 7, 2014

In The Style Fashion Party.

glassess // firmoo
fur coat // topshop
baseball tee // divadames +
ripped knee jeans // new look
quilted monochrome boots // truffle

Finally I get the hang of the background blur. Why did it take me so damn long?! This was actually my outfit for the ‘In The Style’ first birthday event – totally underdressed. I didn’t realise which sort of event it would be so I turned up dressed like this and soon realised that every other person was in dresses, heels and pretty much ready for a night out!
My aim for this outfit was to keep casual but add a little bit of ‘smart’ in my own way. I’m not the most classy person, I tend to opt for oversized garments as well as fitted trousers. These shoes have featured a lot on my blog but they are rarely worn outside. The other night was their first outing but they are so comfortable that they will be going out a lot more!
I am pretty much living around my best friend Rosie’s house since she has come back from the summer. She just started a blog actually [click here] so we are using each other for photography purposes and I’ve taken her along to a couple of events so she can test the waters of blogging properly. Luckily for Rosie, one of these events was the In The Style one which was host to a whole lot of celebrities.
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6 responses to “In The Style Fashion Party.”

  1. Amy Liddell says:

    I love this sports luxe look, the coat is gorgeous

  2. Karis says:

    Love this look, especially the jeans. KBxx

  3. Jess says:

    Thank you 🙂 great, easy transition 🙂 x

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