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Improving Fitness Using Results With Lucy | New Years Resolutions.

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Christmas is a time of indulgence and we're all guilty of letting go a bit during the festive season but January is the perfect time for a fresh start.

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At the end of 2016, I decided to make a permanent change to my lifestyle and incorporate healthy eating and fitness into my routine.. not to lose weight but to make me feel better in my own skin and improve my overall wellbeing (how zen of me). Initially the gym was my new home with daily workouts and too much cardio but I barely noticed a change after months of trying which led to an online search for at-home options that really work.

Results with Lucy is the UK's leading website for health and fitness programs for women, promoting a healthy lifestyle and great community (#RWLfitties on Instagram) to help you reach your fitness goals. The website has a range of 5 workout plans and one monthly subscription package to choose from with different fitness levels and results expected from each - so if you're a beginner then theres a program to ease you in!

I've chosen to do the Results Extreme which is a 6 week plan suitable for girls that workout regularly. The plan promises to mix up your fitness regime with 4 workouts a week including HIIT, power and body conditioning that intensify each week to let you hit your fitness goals. I personally love that I can wake up and workout without leaving the house and can complete workouts wherever I'm traveling using my phone too.

Alongside the workouts, each plan comes with nutrition guides and meal plans which is something I've struggled with before. This basically helps to make sure that your diet is healthy and aiding your fitness rather than working against it. The meals are all really quick, easy and nutritious following the guidelines they give based on macros and not calories (which actually works better than calorie counting..).

lose weight quickly at home, copper garden
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lose weight in 6 weeks at home, copper garden

I can't wait to get stuck into the Results Extreme program and being a week in already, its so exciting to feel my body enjoying the benefits of working out from home so hopefully I'll feel even better by the end (although doms are painful, they feel good)

It would be amazing if some of you joined me on this journey so go ahead and browse the plans and sign up today. If you use the code JESS05, you'll receive £5 off your chosen plan and they also offer 25% student discount through UniDays too! 

I've decided to share my body, weight and measurements from day one of the plan with you in the hope that you'll do the same and we can inspire each other. What do you say gals? I'll update you in six weeks..

week one results with Lucy, weight loss progress picture



Measurements (Inches)

Chest (around bust): 32
Waist (smallest point): 27.5
Around Belly Button: 30.5
Hips (largest point): 32
Upper Arm (largest point): 9.5
Thigh (largest and smallest point): 20.5 / 17.2

Images taken by Adrian Stanley on Olympus Pen with 45mm lens

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