Loungewear Essentials For Cosy Nights In.

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copper garden, cosy loungewear for the autumn and winter

Throughout the Summer there is always a lack of loungewear in my life. There is something about the heat that puts me off snuggling up but as soon as the weather cools down, I can’t wait to invest in new loungewear to get me through the chilly evenings.

On our recent trip to CitizenM hotel in Shoreditch, I thought it was the perfect location for filming the lookbook because of the cosy interiors. The bed was so big and snuggly that my various loungewear pieces fitted perfectly for the dream Sunday morning in bed!

The first loungewear style I’ve been wearing a lot is a giant sleep shirt (or even just my boyfriends) with some comfy undies. This particular set is a Calvin Klein dupe from Next costing way less and teamed with the brushed cotton night shirt from Lazy Days, its perfect for watching movies in bed or getting on with some admin on the sofa (..we’re all guilty of it sometimes).

next loungewear nightwear, copper garden

copper garden nightwear for cosy weather

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The second is the classic pyjama – will anything ever be better!? I’m normally a ‘chill out with a giant tee and undies’ kind of girl but the comeback of classic pyjama sets made me feel like my loungewear could get an upgrade. This ASOS set is quite lightweight so it would be perfect for cooler evenings as well as throwing a dressing gown on and snuggling up.

Then finally we have the cosiest brushed cotton joggers which come with a matching sweatshirt that didn’t make it into this post but is loved as much! The set is from next and the wintery animals with the soft nude colour makes them so autumnal and cosy. I decided to wear them with just a crop if I don’t want to be too cuddled up! 

copper garden, sleepwear

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copper garden, next loungewear

If you’re looking for some cosy new loungewear, I’ve made a little list of all my favourites so you can easily shop the comfiest and most snuggly pieces to keep you warm this Autumn an Winter.. 


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