Instagram Styling: Huawei P9 Smartphone.

Taking part in a fashion shoot is something that I will always say yes to. Its the perfect chance to get in front of the camera in a new way and have fun with your content. This particular shoot was in collaboration with Huawei to launch their new smartphone, the Huawei P9. I was lucky enough to be gifted one and it has quickly replaced my iPhone for selfies and vlogging on the go because the dual camera is so great. Its fairly rectangular with more crisp edges and as thin as other smartphones. Its very lightweight with a front and back camera as well as a fingerprint reader on the back to unlock it. The camera is actually a dual so blog photography on the go is a breeze and it allows you to alter the aperture, exposure and even add a ‘beauty’ filter which slightly airbrushes your skin for the perfect selfie (as I mentioned before). I also like that its an Android, so the app store and overall layout is more sophisticated which is a nice change after years with Apple products.

This shoot was photographed entirely on Huawei P9 smartphones and shot by Alex Lambrechts. The images are honestly some of my favourites to date because the location, styling and photography capture the essence of my personality and style so well. Its rare that a phone could capture images to rival a camera, but I’d say that these give cameras a run for their money, and it could actually rival my Olympus Pen for everyday blog and Instagram photography.

The outfit that I’m wearing was chosen by Calvin, a celebrity stylist that pretty much got my style nailed. He browsed my instagram account and picked pieces based on what he thought I’d love. I think this look is the perfect representation of me: smart, casual and monochrome with a hint of slouch.The culotte jumpsuit is the perfect casual shape but teamed with some smarter ankle boots and the basic white t-shirt, it comes together to look really on trend. The boots are something that I always lust after because a bolder colour is perfect, but I always panic and go back to the trusty black pairs (because I don’t already own enough). They’re the perfect Summer-Autumn transitional pair though, so I think they’ll be featuring a lot on my blog in the future.


*This post is in collaboration with Huawei. Thank you so much Huawei, Alex, Calvin and everyone else from the shoot. I had an amazing time and absolutely love all of the pictures!

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