Tuesday, 25 October 2016


copper garden, couples autumn photoshoot pictures
Virginia waters lake in autumn
England is one of the most beautiful countries to experience in Autumn, even if us Brits can't see it. Whether you're heading into the countryside or walking through our endless woodlands - Autumn here is pretty great.

copper garden autumn style, waterfall at Virginia water lake

The Changing Colours
How beautiful is it to see all of the reds, oranges and golden tones of the leaves getting denser on the ground each day? I love the way that the British countryside looks in Autumn and the sunset gives the most perfect lighting too. 

Wrapping Up Warm
Nothing will ever beat throwing on a chunky knit with a blanket scarf and bobble hat whether its freezing outside or just a little chilly. Its basically wearing a permanent hug, right? I'm a sucker for matching accessories too, so this Foxwood leather phone case was perfect. 

travel blogger in England in autumn
copper garden fashion style blogger from the uk

The British Countryside
Despite England being a little rainy, our countryside in Autumn is beautiful. Nothing will ever beat a foggy morning when the world is still and fresh.

Cuddling Up
Movie nights are so much better in Autumn when the candles are burning and you're cuddled under the blanket. I always bring out my Harry Potter box sets when it gets colder, too.

autumnal leaves in british countryside
tan accessories for autumn by fashion blogger

Cosy Interiors
When it chills back down, I love getting my cosy blankets and cushions out so I can snuggle up in the evenings. Its almost like a step closer to Christmas without putting up a tree. Autumn is also when the candles become warming and my favourite cinnamon scents come back to the shops.

Countdown to Christmas
I love when the leaves start to fall and the weather gets a little chilly because it means Christmas is coming. Its finally time to start getting festive with buying presents and dusting the Michael Buble album off.


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