Outdoor Cardio Made Easier.

Its no secret that I’m a sucker for a good pair of sneaks – whether they’re for the gym or wearing every day to style up an outfit. This pair of trainers from ON are mainly worn for my outdoor cardio sessions, letting me run through the world breathing in all of the fresh air and giving me pure headspace and after two months of trialling them, its about time I let them hit my blog.

ON use a swiss technology to make their shoes one of the highest performing on the market, with the soles made to feel like I’m running on clouds. This technology takes the tension away from my knees which was a winner for me. I find that outdoor running can be tough after a couple of miles so the cushioned sole is perfect. Each of the parts of the sole is separated so they move individually depending on your step with zero-gravity foam for a lightweight feel. Having used these for running outside and on the treadmill in the gym, I can say that they live up to expectations. 

The trainers cost £110 and come in nine colour ways including plain black or white and can be purchased in the ON online store.

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