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With the season nearly over I’m holding on and doing everything in my power to avoid the Autumn. This summer held so many memories and I’ve enjoyed every minute of experiencing new things like heading to Reading Festival (because Fall Out Boy are my childhood dream)Despite my day-long festival spurt, I thought I’d talk about a few of my festival essentials and preparations for anyone going to Bestival or thinking about any music events for next year, because I certainly am.

As far as an outfit goes, a playsuit is an easy choice because they look great and keep you cool, teamed with a fringed bag for the ultimate festival outfit. Oh, and the most important accessory is the sunglasses. Partly so you can actually see the acts through the occasional sunshine and partly just to look cool. The ones shown are a little slice of Quay Australia heaven, aptly named All my Love and they’d been on my wishlist for ages because I’m a sucker for rose gold and love the shape.

Now lets talk beauty because its an essential for us girls. One of my biggest festival preparations is the big shave: legs, under arms and the rest.  I’ve fallen a bit in love with the Wilkinson Quattro for Women in Raspberry Rain because of its ease. Through uni I was a sucker for cheap disposables but they never got a close or comfortable shave and needed to be replaced every five minutes. The Quattro has four blades and an aloe vera strip so not only is it a close shave, but the aloe soothes straight away so it avoids the little bumps and cuts – and just to add a feminine touch, the handle is scented like raspberry (perfect for glamming up camping) and theres also a handy travel guard so it can be easily packed without any unwelcome cuts while you rummage around for it.
The next essential is some sun cream because the British sunshine can be worse than you think and I’m prone to burning here more than overseas. High factors are great for protecting your skin and this Hawaiian Tropics cream is hydrating so it keeps skin moisturised. If you’re wanting a tan too, then faking it might be a good way to go. 

Festival skin should always be tanned and glittering so using a tinted shimmer self tanner will do both at once and no amount of glitter is ever too much (metallic tattoos need to be added also).. but don’t forget the facial wipes to stop your pores from clogging up and giving you a mini wash between glitter changes! Finally, don’t forget to pack your phone battery pack so you can record the memories, wellies because its a British summer and some dry shampoo to keep hair fresh and wavy! 

I’d say thats pretty much everything that I would consider to be an essential and I can’t wait to pack everything up for next years antics. What are your festival essentials?

*This post is sponsored by Wilkinson Sword.


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