Advice For Keeping Stylish At Work.

fashionable workwear that is still smart
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copper garden shot by rebecca spencer
copper garden workwear style
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Workwear can be tricky at the best of times so as a new starter it can be difficult to determine the kind of attire that is acceptable. Since I left university there has been a part of me that longed to get into a creative office environment so that I could rock my workwear style and finally I’m able to in my new job, so its time I shared my tips on keeping stylish at work..

My main piece of advice would be to dress smarter than you think you should. The first few days are when you can see what others wear and there is nothing worse than turning up more casual than everyone else. I’m lucky enough to be able to dress in my everyday style which is much more relaxed than tailoring and suits and my main work outfits include jeans with smarter tops, but some days I prefer to dress a little smarter with a shirt or tailoring!

I’ve noticed from shopping around that most workwear is neutral or monochrome and I think its mainly down to it looking more professional, but its also much easier to create various outfits with plain colours and items which go together. My personal style doesn’t include many bright colours or patterns but sometimes its best to keep it simple. Building a work capsule is something that I’m trying to do right now for ease and maximum outfits too, investing in higher quality pieces that will last me a long time with regular wear.

If you are really unsure and can’t work it out, just ask the question. Some workplaces let you wear smart casual but don’t allow trainers or plimsoles and more corporate environments might require tailoring, so its worth finding out. 


Sunglasses: Primark

To help you out with your work wardrobe, I’ve put together a list of high street favourites to wear to work. Thank me later because its all under £100!

These pictures were taken by Rebecca Spencer.

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