The coming of Blogosphere magazine really put into perspective how much blogging has changed over the years. We’ve gone from a community that was so misunderstood, to a powerful team that are conquering social media and helping to challenge beauty ideals.

Blogosphere magazine started 9 months ago and has since taken the blogging community by storm. Its the first publication that is by bloggers, for bloggers and split into several sections to cover all blogger topics: fashion, beauty, photography, travel, parenting and even foodies. Blogosphere is a great way to find new blogs to fall in love with.

A few months ago I started to work towards issue 9 with Blogosphere, temporarily becoming the Fashion Managing Editor and picking five of my favourite blogs to share: Article 21, Tilly Jayne, Beth Norton, Lurchhound Loves and Layla Panam. All of the girls write blogs that I read regularly so I know you’ll love them too.

You can purchase the issue for £5 (here) and also in eBook format (here) – perfect for forthcoming summer holidays! Alternatively, you can get four issues before they hit the shelves and more discounts for £25 by signing up for the Bronze subscription


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