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outfit for spring, fashion blogger, copper garden

..and by trying something new, I just meant wearing a floppy hat because I never do it. Nothing life changing, unless you’re my hair and don’t like being flattened! I’ve gone through a style overhaul recently and discovered so many styles that I like and that suit me which I’d never normally have tried like the hat and shoes in this post. 

I can’t avoid the transformation to workwear now that I’m graduating and hitting the real world. It isn’t necessarily a bad thing though because loose tailoring is one of my favourite things. There is something about a relaxed fit and mix up of smart casual that draws me into shops by using the “it will look good when I have a real job” excuse.. every time.

There’s actually a few outfit posts coming your way soon that are more workwear related, but keeping it easy for everyday and on trend for Spring (pinterest is totally to blame for my seasonal switch up). This outfit is the perfect example with the relaxed fit of the trousers and simple heels, teamed with a turtleneck vest and floppy hat. Its the kind of look that could be worn to the office or straight out for lunch with the girls.


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