Last Thursday, I was a lucky blogger chosen to attend the lavish celebrations for Makeup Revolutions second birthday. It was a lovely evening to catch up with friends old and new as well as getting to preview ‘coming soon’ products and new releases for the brand – one of my videos was also playing along with other girls around the room which was quite cool, minor celeb moment there Copps. Its so lovely to watch a brand that I’ve worked with closely since the beginning, turn into a popular name within the beauty industry in a teeny two years. I don’t think there are many bloggers without something Revolution in their makeup stash that they use on the regular.

These products were all part of the goodie bag that we received from the event so I thought I’d give you a little ‘haul’ post which I don’t do very often, but expect more in the future! Some of these products I’d had my eye on for a while so I’m grateful to finally be able to test them out, which I will be doing in a first impressions video on my channel.
I’ve never owned a large eyeshadow palette before but I’m so thankful that this is my first. The black arts edition of the ‘pro pad’ has 48 eyeshadows for all of your smokey or nudey eye looks. The shades are variations of nudes, browns, blues and pinky tones but each is very neutral and would go with most others on the palette – which is exactly what you’d need from something like this. I’ve swatched a few on my hands and the pigmentation is great and look seriously promising as my go-to for the future – especially when its only £15!

This shade is so gorgeous! Its a really bubblegum pink tone thats not too bright but perfect for summery looks because we all know I’m a fan of the bright lip when its hot. Pretty much every shade from Makeup Revolution lives in my bedroom so I’m hoping this is just as pigmented and long lasting.

I’m so new to the ‘strobing’ craze that this is a technique I’ll be trying out tomorrow. The cream has a subtle purple shimmer which I think would look gorgeous teamed with some highlight – we shall see.

My first impression of this brush was the similarity to Real Techniques bold metals, but its no secret that Makeup Revolution do lots of higher end dupes. The brush is a triangular shape which is supposed to help with getting into the various contour points of your face such as around the nose and jawline. The brush is also really soft so I’m keen to find out how well it contours!

This is one of the only products I’ve tried so far and its great! I’m normally a ‘wash my brushes once a month with baby shampoo’ kinda girl but this is about to make my life so much easier.

So thats everything Makeup Revolution for now, I think I might do a ‘collection’ video at some point because I own almost the entire store now so its overdue. Thank you so much to Makeup Revolution for inviting me to celebrate their second birthday, I had a really good evening and can’t wait to see what the future holds for a bloggers favourite!
Whats your favourite product from Makeup Revolution?


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