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The weather in the UK is tempramental enough but when you add a change of seasons into the mix then its a confusing time to get dressed in the morning. Recently I’m torn between potentially freezing or wrapping up too warm and bare legs are still way out of the question. Surely I can’t be the only one that finds moments of sunlight deceiving?

As we’re flying into Spring, I’ve been looking to buy new pieces that will bring my wardrobe away from chunky knits and into 2016 properly with the help of trend sections and my capsule style. Now I’m much more of a high street kinda gal, so most of these pieces come from ASOS, Topshop, etc but there is the exception thrown in for good measure.

I’ve actually already purchased the saddle bag and the grey loose tailored trousers, which will be on my blog soon. Keeping my eyes on the rest though as my new-found style is inspiring me so much. Its strange how much a slight change in style can make you realise just how far from ‘you’ you’ve been.


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