When you’re vegan, the prospect of going into a restaurant can be daunting enough with the obvious question of “what can I eat?” but even more-so when you’re in a restaurant that is completely meat-oriented such as Nandos. Having been a previous chicken eater, Nandos was always a favourite of mine but since the change to Vegan its been avoided. 

Unlike many restaurants, Nandos do cater for Vegetarians and Vegans by offering various starters and main dishes as well as cooking/preparing all non-meat orders separately so they don’t cross contaminate (big words, I know). This shocked me because being such popular restaurant catering solely for chicken, there was always the assumption that they didn’t care much for non-meat eaters.

For starters, there is a wide variety from Peri-Peri houmous and pitta, through to spicy mixed olives. I personally love houmous so it was a no-brainer when coming to order a starter, and it only costs £3.50 which is on the lower end of the price range for starters.

When it comes to the main menu, there isn’t a great selection for Vegans but what they do offer is beautiful and worth going back for. The veggie burger is their main offering which is made from soya, tomato, onions, green peppers and of course spice. The burger tastes lovely but be sure to ask for no mayo when ordering. I like to add some avocado and chilli jam to mine so I’ve got some goodness and spice. The other alternative for a main course is any of the salads, given that you remove cheese and chicken. The salads are quite large and fill you up, but I normally add a side to them just for more flavour. My personal favourite side dish is the new chargrilled vegetables (mixed peppers, courgette and red onions in spicy tomato), they’re a great alternative to chips and complement the veggie burger nicely, but they also offer mixed salad, corn on the cob and garlic bread which are equally as satisfying. Just as a side note: the coleslaw in the image wasn’t mine but it made my plate look more full. Blogger problems.

For the full range of what Vegans can eat in Nandos, head over to their website and select your dietary requirements to view an altered menu. If you’d like to see more posts on eating out as a Vegan then let me know in the comments.


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