Its becoming a known fact that I’m all about the fitness and vegan lifestyle at the minute. I love nothing more than gaining knowledge and giving my body some nutritional goodness, while working on getting lean. So, when The London Health Show invited me along, I had to say yes with the hope of finding some new brands to fall in love with and oh boy did I fall in love with food.

Char and I have fairly different diets with hers being mostly paleo but focused on getting lean while mine is plant-based and much more about vegetables – so our preferences are different but we still enjoy some of the same foods. Luckily at the show there were plenty of brands that catered to us both with our favourites being Carob (you need to try this one), Pip and Nut who make the most incredible nut butters that I’d happily eat from the jar and Inspiralled, a London health store with amazing goodness. It was really eye opening to see a room filled with so many yummy foods that I could actually eat, as being vegan can often restrict you more than you realise. There are so many foods you’d think are fine but actually have an added something to cancel it out.

Alongside all of the food stalls (which is all I seemed to photograph), there were many fitness, health and nutrition brands there which I didn’t venture too much into. They had many stalls featuring new workout equipment or vitamins and supplements, which is amazing for industry but not completely to my tastes. I think in future I’d go again, but I’m much more interested in trying out a show based around food and building muscle as these are more to my interest. All in all, I had a really good afternoon and so thankful for the finding of so much yummy food I can eat. Planet Organic and Wholefoods are my new go-to food stores, which I’m sure my bank account will love!

Thank you very much to London Health Show for inviting me and Char along!

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