Tuesday, 19 January 2016


I’m a worrier, always have been and always will. The thought of staying in an unknown bedroom alone in a new place scares me and upon speaking to some friends - they feel the same too. I guess its the fear of the unknown and way too many horror films in my teens that have installed this fear into my brain, but having just had my first night away on my own, I wanted to share my tips for not freaking out.

After a quick google to research into this blogpost, I realised that most posts about staying in hotel rooms alone are actually more terrifying than helpful. They all offer tips about staying in higher floors, locking all doors and windows and making the whole thing sound more like a horror film than a relaxing break in a (probably) lovely hotel. Hopefully, you find this post much more useful than that..

Tip #1: You’re not completely alone.
This one is easier said than done but its easy to forget there is always other guests at the hotel and staff members at reception. I find this to be a subtle comfort because just knowing someone else is in the building makes me feel more at ease

Tip #2: Put on some Netflix and run a bath.
I know this sounds silly, but it works. I absolutely love a bath anyway, but if you set Netflix up at the same time then you've got the ultimate relaxing evening. 

Tip #3: Go out for Dinner.
Not everyone finds it easy to go to a restaurant alone, but its actually quite enjoyable. People watching is one of my favourite past-times so eating alone is the perfect opportunity for this and it means that I can also spend time thinking up new ideas for my blog/youtube/uni.

Tip #4: Lock the door before you got to sleep.
I know this might sound like a given, but its easily forgotten if you don’t live alone or travel much. The doors are usually only open-able from the inside when closed but most also have a lock which gives you the extra piece of mind to know there is added security.

Now I know that there isn't any deep, meaningful stuff in this post but these are my top tips for staying in a hotel room alone. I found it scary the first time I went so thought that sharing is caring, and if this post helps someone then its even better.
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