Spectrum brushes came into my vast brush collection last year at the Clothes Show and I’ve been slightly addicted ever since (okay, more than slightly). I think its safe to say that these are the most instagrammable, mermaid-esque brushes to stroke a face, but they are also completely natural which makes them the ideal addition to a (growing) collection.

The sets from Spectrum are reasonable, ranging from £3.99 for a single brush to £99.99 for a 30-piece set (so roughly £3 per brush ). I’d say its fairly reasonable pricing considering the unique style of the brushes and natural fibres usually do cost a little more than synthetic due to being much better quality. This particular set is £36.99 with a cute little travel pouch (and pom pom) with four brushes inside; blush brush, flat top contour brush, angled powder brush and angled crease brush. All of which are very handy additions to a make-up collection.

When it comes to application, these are a little bees-knees. The bristles are super soft and gentle but pack on the product like a pro. I love when a brush gives more product than it takes, which these definitely do. The flat contour brush is my favourite, as it seems to allow me to have just the right amount of highlight/bronze.

Now I’ve been an avid Real Techniques user in the past, rarely testing out other brands but I’m definitely a converted gal. I admit to being partially swayed by the colours but the brushes are actually very good. Have you tried out any of the Spectrum brushes? Let me know what you think, or any brands you’re loving that I should try out in the future..

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