Happy New Years, you gorgeous bunch!

I hope you’re having a lovely end to 2015 and wishing in the New Year in whichever way you planned to. Now I know this is the most cliche post, but looking back on last years resolution is always inspiring to see how far I’ve come and how far is left to go. Some of my resolutions were achieved but I set myself too many unrealistic expectations so this year, I’ve only got a few easily achievable goals.


Finding this one comical as it was a resolution last year and I’ve done exactly the opposite. My pennies need to start appearing and stop disappearing as the reality of being an adult draws closer. I’ve got a huge amount selling on depop if you’re interested, its all super cheap and any money you pay goes into my new house fund! 


I’ve got a few things already planned for this year, but my plans to travel the world are not hindering yet. I’m going to aim for at least five countries within 2016 and I’m already half way there (told you 2016 would be good..)


I wrote a post a few months ago about my decision to become plant based, but its slightly gone off track with Christmas and deadline stress so I’ve got a meal plan and nifty new smoothie maker to put me back on track. I am also hoping to hit the gym again with a regular schedule and plan. I find the gym daunting (which is a whole other post) and I feel like knowing what to do is a challenge in itself. Luckily, my best friend is a fitness guru so she’s given me a weekly workout plan to get me started.


Obviously a given as I’m leaving university, but I need to find my own place. I’ll be leaving the comfort and stability of my parents houses and being funded by the government and out in the world alone. Its really exciting but very scary, so watch this space..

Any university student will tell you that any sense of routine and order in their lives disappeared the minute they started their course. Living with friends, nights out and endless streams of work mean that you’re always on the go and sleep becomes a last resort. I’m hoping to try and get some sort of routine and schedule into my life, partly for my own sanity and also because I feel so lost when I don’t have a daily routine.

This seems like a lot of resolutions, but I think all of them are achievable. Diet, exercise and routine all work together and travelling is already set to happen. I’m actually quite excited for tomorrow and finally being able to put the constant eating and drinking fortnight behind me for another year. 

Have you set any resolutions?

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  1. January 3, 2016 / 12:56 pm

    I'm moving out a few weeks and it's bloody scary but also there are so many positives to it 😊

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