Firstly lets appreciate the colours of the products. How gorgeous is the orange and pink ombre? Visual appeal definitely sways my choices when I’m shopping for beauty products. These three products are from Mark Hill’s range, featuring various products for different stages of styling your hair. Prep, Style and Finish. I quite like the fact the products have the numbers so you know when to use them and because I’m a hair-styling-phobe it gives me a piece of mind.
The styling primer is my favourite of the three, it has made my ‘unbrushed naturally wavy mess-of-a-hairstyle’ into something that looks less messy and more ‘boho chic’. Its so easy to use because you just apply it to towel dried hair and either blow dry to style, or leave it to work its magic alone. My hair has the tendency to frizz a little but if the primer is used, it just looks a bit more sleek without looking styled. The heat protector is also a favourite, overtaking my usual Tresemme one because the fragrance is so sweet. I love that its an easier spray bottle so its faff-free when I’ve got a hair styler in one hand and the product in the other because we all know how much we wish we had octopus limbs in this situation.

Late last month, I went to the launch of the products up in London. The event was in a gorgeouus hotel and held to celebrate Charlotte Crosby becoming the face of the brand. I had my hair done while drinking a Cosmopolitan and chatted to some of my favourite blogging girls. Upon leaving the event, I received a goody bag with a few products to try and I’m so in love that I decided they needed to feature on my blog. I’ve attached the mini-vlog so you can see what the event was like, make sure you go and subscribe to my new vlog channel for more follow-me-arounds. I am vlogging every day of November, too!

This post is in no way sponsored, I’m just a Mark Hill convert. 
The colours totally helped my decision.


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