Over the last 8-10 weeks my health and fitness have become a very important part of my life. I used to be one of those girls who just ate anything and didn’t bother with the gym or trying to exercise. I was lazy and used detox tea’s to try and boost my body into giving off the appearance that I worked out. Eat Clean Tea appeared on my twitter feed one day and the concept struck me, its a detox matcha tea thats used as a detox but in a much better way than a teatox.

Matcha tea has 107x more power than regular green tea and promises much greater impacts on the body – although a clean diet and exercise of some kind are a great boost too. The tea gives you enhanced natural energy, helps metabolism speed up and all around improves your wellbeing. I personally loved that you only need half a teaspoon of the powder in the morning to get the benefits. Its much easier than remembering to drink 30 mins before each meal or drinking a tea at specific times of day.

I’ve been using the tea for 18 days now, having almost finished the packet and I’m so impressed with it. I drink the desired amount in a large mug as soon as I wake up and then eat my breakfast and get on with my day. As I was eating healthily and exercising before, I could truly judge that it boosted my energy even more-so. I’m much less sluggish and my workouts seem to be longer without fatigue. With weight loss and body shape, I can say that its helped my bloating and slightly toned my physique. Although due to my diet and fitness improving as well, its hard to tell how much of my shape changing was down to Eat Clean and how much was my exercising.

The initial concept of powdered tea might scare you, but its so easy to make and tastes exactly the same as green tea so it isn’t too daunting and you get really used to it. I’m quite pleased at it and the fact that there is no laxative, so its more enjoyable.


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