Wednesday, 1 July 2015


fedora // primark (similar here)
wrap cami // primark (similar here)
skinny jeans // jack wills (here)
quill boots // firetrap (here)+

Its like a trip down memory lane posting this outfit, as its been sat in my drafts for about three months. Yep, thats right, three months. I seem to be taking pictures so regularly that I'm overloaded with content so some posts get forgotten about. My top is from Primark and only cost £6, featuring the lovely drape of a wrap front in a pastel colour that shows off a tan perfectly (if I had one). The jeans are my new favourites from Jack Wills, by far the most comfortable and shape-keeping jeans that I own. Yes, my wages totally get spent back in store because I love everything! I'm really enjoying my new job, its nice to be in an environment that I like being in, rather than dreading going to work every day.

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