A while back I was invited to join a gym class with The Skinny Bitch Collective, trainer to stars such as Millie Mackintosh! As I am a ‘slight’ gym go-er, I thought it would be cool to experience a gym class that was a little more intense and helped some major celebs get their bikini bodies!

The event was early in the morning so we could all get to work afterwards which was perfect as it boosted metabolism first thing – not so great when you begin to ache half way through the day and just want to curl up and sleep. The class lasted for an hour and was a lot more intense than I’m used to. We did a lot of cardio involving circuits and plenty of runs to the other end of the gym and back (which was quite a distance). I did find it challenging but so worth it, I’ve since invested in a personal trainer (@charlotteshuter on instagram) to help me reach my fitness goals. 

It definitely wasn’t an easy class, but it was one of the best blogging events that I have been to. Nothing beats a good work out!

Thank you so much Label PR and Swimwear365 for taking me, Skinny Bitch Collective for having such an amazing class and Russell Bateman for being such a tough trainer! My vlog including the session is linked below if you want a little peek at what we did!


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  1. July 8, 2015 / 9:09 am

    So jealous! I would've loved to go to this! xx

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