This is a day behind schedule, and late at night but it needed to be posted. Not only am I giving you the usual summary and a weekly vlog but.. I just quit my job. I’m only slightly open when it comes to discussing my work life with you guys but there are essentially three jobs in my life (excluding Jack Wills which I start on Saturday); waitrose, cleaning and blogging/youtube. As you know, fashion is where my heart lies and my intention has always been to replace the supermarket with it as soon as possible but its quite scary – I’m leaving the comfort of a job I’ve had for 18 months to work in fashion retail which is fairly new territory. I am overwhelmed with excitement at the leap and want to start including JW a lot more on my blog too, as obviously I am about to be wearing a lot more of it!

I have had this Motel dress for almost two years now and I recently fell back in love with it. The moon & stars print is so classic to them and its the perfect weather to bring it back out. And I can never resist a good selfie.

A still from the lookbook I shot with Laura over the week, both wearing mostly Missguided. I’m so excited to show you this as its a really big step in a new direction for both of us and we worked really hard.

Coffee date with my mum to celebrate the new job at Jack Wills! We tend to meet for coffee every so often and catch up on each others lives – hers is way more busy than mine, she loves a good concert!

NYX butters are my current ‘must have’ lip product so they had to be included. 
They are so creamy and well pigmented.

Another still from the lookbook shoot. This was one of my favourite outfits and the background was gorgeous. We headed to a local beauty spot to sink in the views.

Selfie from the lookbook shoot (yep, I really liked the pics from that day). I think this is probably my favourite picture of Laura & I.

ps – the lookbook will be up on Wednesday at 6pm (GMT). Below is my weekly vlog as always!


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