Yep, thats a plane ticket from last June, my brothers graduation specifically.
I found it tucked inside my passport while trying to create a cute flat lay. 

I’m a big tanner. Since the age of 16 when a boy in school told me I looked ‘hotter orange’, that was it, I was a tanned gal forever more. I remember buying my first tan which smelt like oranges and looked like chocolate syrup! 

This Solait tan was a huge impulse buy. I came to my boyfriends for the weekend looking pale as a parsnip, so I went to the nearest Superdrug and picked up the cheapest fake tan that they had costing only £4.69. Its one that I hadn’t used before but if my holy grail St Moriz wasn’t available, there was no other choice. Upon first use, my friend Tash actually noticed how strong it smelled and I have to admit it is fairly ‘biscuity’ but its a scent that I don’t mind too much. 

The tan is a foam that needs shaking before use and it has a fairly orange colouring. One pump is more than enough to cover one area of my body (lower arm, lower leg, stomach) but if I want to do a larger area at once then I just use two and apply with my self tan mitt. It glides on fairly easily – I’m yet to have a streak and I’ve been using it twice weekly for a month now! 

I’d recommend this if you’re looking for a low priced, natural looking tan for a night our or weekend away. Its only flaw is that it does fade within two showers so it needs applying regularly.


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  1. May 30, 2015 / 9:11 pm

    I find these are good for quick cheap tan but agree the biscuit smell is extra biscuit with this one aha.

    Sophie x

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