Let me just begin this post with a thank you to Laura (The Fashion Wonderland) for bringing me as her +1! I love having blogger friends who are real friends because it means you’re never at events alone. We also went with Char (Crave Green Velvet) and Sophie (Sophie Hannah Richardson), who I’ve seen at a couple of events and we probably had the funniest night in a while!

The Shoebox Jukebox event was Next‘s way of showing us their new collection with an amazing event. It was held inside a pop-up in Shoreditch and the whole inside looked so retro and colourful – the lights made all shadows look like rainbow (which you’ll see in my weeky vlog at the end of this post). They had so much to do with yummy cocktails and canap├ęs to keep us going. I particularly enjoyed customising my own pair of converse-style shoes which we got to take home at the end of the night!

I’m really excited for pay day now, seeing all of the shoes and being able to hold them makes it easier to determine whether or not they are worth the splurge (which they definitely are). The shoes I received, which feature at the top of this post are the wide strap booties – so comfortable and slightly seventies.

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