Friday, 10 April 2015


'red door red' lipstick // elizabeth arden (here)+
striped top // tokyo laundry (here)+
mom jeans // asos (here)
bag // osprey via tkmaxx (similar here)+
chunky heels // ebay (here)

I'm kind of falling in love with stripes, had you noticed? They seem to be the only thing that I ever wear. My style tends to go in stages of certain trends; stripes, pastels, monochromes, tshirts, etc. There is always a more prominent style that takes over my life (in a good way). This top is actually so comfortable. It comes from Tokyo Laundry costing £19.99, fitting so nicely. I like that its slightly oversized with the cutesy lace hem - casual but it could easily be styled up a bit given the right outfit. 

I've styled the top with my mom jeans which are probably going to be a wardrobe staple forever (think mums wardrobe) which is totally okay. They are slim fit and the busted knee makes them even better, as does the faded wash.

Do you have items that you think you'll have as staples forever?
PS.. this outfit features in my spring lookbook video below!

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